Aerosoft's - Mega Airport Brussels X

Aerosoft's - Mega Airport Brussels X 1.01

Mega Airport Brussels X 1.0 is a scenery for FSX and FS2004
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Aerosoft's - Mega Airport Brussels X 1.0 is a scenery for FSX and FS2004. There are many features of this scenery pack. It is completely designed in GMAX thus giving it a better quality look. The objects so available in the scenery are generally dynamic or animated objects.

There are different day and night textures available during the flight time. These textures are in high resolution so gives each and every detail of the object. It is compatible with artificial intelligence which gives it the ability to function on its own. There are many docking systems and those scenarios that are in the photograph are used to create the buildings in the game. The land class flight has been corrected. The rendered textures are realistic in nature and there are taxiways and apron for a realistic environment. There is a cargo area as well as a military area depicted in the scenery.

The scenery of Mega Airport Brussels X is useful for the user as it has great details which are expressed by using the textures. The users can benefit from the scenery as it gives a realistic view of the airport to the user. Modeling techniques are used to get the best out of the textures. This would provide the users with a great add-on to enjoy the in-flight experience even more.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Complete details and structure of the airport


  • Texture lining in the graphics is not done to perfection
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